Sunday 19th July 2015

About 15 mins mobility and warm up – band, shoulder dislocates, dynamic stretches etc.

Ninja Warrior audition

  • 10ish x pull ups (after 6 weeks of no upper body training, I’m fucking delighted with this!)
  • Run and jump and touch the line on the wall
  • Lachez (sp?)
  • Hanging poles/potato traverse
  • Run and jump and hang onto the rope
  • 20 x 10m shuttle runs
  • Mini obstacle course


Park session (yeah!!!)

Bit of mobility

3 x 12 x inverse rows

3 x 5 x chin ups

3 x 1min crab walks

Stretching and chilling between sets

First park session in MONTHS!!! Hope shoulder doesn’t hurt tomorrow.


No FF as tired and can’t be bothered :/

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