Tuesday 7th July 2015

Run 1 – To gym via Post Office.

Motivation really not high tonight.

Distance: 5.0km
Time: 25:31
Pace: 5:03/km




15 mins mobility

Stacked knee things, lots of hips, foam rolling

4 x 3.5 x dragon flags – hurt my shoulder a bit

3 x 20 x Walt Reynolds ES

3 x 10 x single leg glute bridges (ES)

20 x 16kg KB swings
3 x 20 x 20kg KB swings

Few other things – forgot now


Run 2 – Crawl home (kettlebell swings ow my legs)

Distance: 2.3km
Time: 14:29
Pace: 6:03/km



Focussed Flexibility

Picked my exercises, watched each video through once.

Watched each video again whilst doing the exercise.

Took nearly an hour! Should get faster when I know what I’m doing…


  • Supine hip rotations
  • Modified pigeon
  • Longsitting
  • Hamstrings
  • Pancake

Went well – harder than I thought! Hopefully body should ease up a bit.


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