Monday 24th August 2015


5 min sauna

5 min mobility
Few band sets

10 x scapular pull ups
10 x inverse rows
10 x dips (parallel bars)
10 x baby MU
5 x STC

4 x 2 x ring MU
2m rest
Hah these hurt now!

4 x straddle BL hold -> German hang -> very slow tuck FL lower
2m+ rest

5 x single false grip pull ups
1m rests

5 x HS holds – trying to get and keep hollow body position
1m 30s rests
Actually got a solid hold on the last one

3 x 5 x headstand straddle raises/lowers

About 10 mins stretching (all 1m holds, extra for pancake)


Myosfasical work

30 mins with ball, all in shoulders and back

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