Saturday 22nd August 2015

Lots of walking around Manchester to the art gallery and around shops. Also bought a PureGym day pass as wanted to train.



5 min mobility

10 x 25kg seated row
10 x23kg diverging lat pull down
10 x inverse rows

4 x 7 x pull ups
2 min rests

5 x assisted MU (36kg assist)
2m30s rest
Trying to go slow through transition

1 x BL on weird bar. Uncomfortable.

Messed around with FL

4 x 2 pull ups to tuck
45s one legged bosu
(During 1m30s rests)

3 x
7 x diverging lat pull downs @32, 32, 36kg
Focus on bottom position (like top of a wide pull up)
10 x single leg press (25, 32, 39)
(Work during 2m rest time)

Rotary hip machine – hip flexion
3 x 10 x 62kg ES
5 x tuck HS hop ups against wall during first rest but delts straining a bit
1m30s rests

Rotary hip machine – hip extension
3 x 10 x 62kg ES
1m30s rests

Stretching on PowerPlate (all done ES)
60s x Lunge stretch
60s x Hamstring stretch
60s x internal leg
60s x shoulder/lat
60s x pec
60s x back (only one side)
11 min total

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