Saturday 29th August 2015

Long Run

Backwards Box Hill. With a massive hangover from dinner with friends last night (you know it’s a good night when you wake up and discover this in your backpack). Legs were also pretty tired after first 10km.

Distance: 15.1km
Time: 1:49:01
Pace: 7:11/km
Elevation: 570m

Also jogged back to the station (intended to walk but ended up faffing around)
Distance: 1.9km
Pace: 5:40/km



Was supposed to go out again, but Dad’s got taken into hospital with pneumonia. Luckily it’s a half hour train ride direct from Dorking, so went straight from running to go and see him (sweaty and all). Actually had to stop at M&S in the station to get food – was so hungry and ate so fast I thought I might puke. Truly a classy chick, me.

Anyhow, that meant I didn’t go out so did 45 minutes stretching and ball rolling whilst watching Breaking Bad (which is good now but also finishing soon – need a replacement show).

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