Sunday 30th August 2015


To climbing and back. Legs not feeling bad today.

Distance: 22.1km
Moving Time: 1:06:13
Avg Max Speed: 20.1km/h



At Building One. Was supposed to meet people there but had stuff to do and was late :/

Thought I’d be a bit lonely on my own but actually had an epic time – the first time doing routes in three months! No more traverse wall! Skipped a few risky hold – not looking to do dyno’s or jump for final holds, but my technique is fricking rocking now. The time working on grip strength means I’ve got the endurance to stay on the wall and take the time to think what I’m doing, instead of blasting my way up for fear that my forearms might explode.


3 x green/white V0

3 x black V1

3 x tigers V1-2

3 x yellow V2-4

1 x V3 – 5!

The yellows were tricky and I had to work on them. First time I’ve ever done that too – tried a route, tried again, got a bit further, chatted to someone about what to do. Pretty fun.

Went next door and did:

3 x straddle L-sit rope climbs 

3 x 3 x false grip pull ups with green band

1 x MU to BL to FL

LOADS of resting between those sets to stretch out.

Left feeling pretty damn awesome


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