Monday 28th September 2015

Hot yoga

90 mins. Fierce Grace class with Amanda Joseph
Similar to Classic yesterday but with a few static poses – eg. crow and some kind of side balancing thing where you stack your knees on best arms (which I am determined to master by the end of the month)



To work then to the gym and home again. Got the fastest ever time to Butter’s (segment) but think that was mostly due to good traffic lights.

Distance: 23.4km
Time: 1:10:32
Avg Max Speed: 19.9km/h




Quick mobility

10 x scapular pull ups

10 x tuck up to tuck HS attempts/holds
Feeling a bit stronger

5 x pull ups
3 x 5 x 5kg pull ups
1m30s rests

10 x dips

7 x pull up in false grip and hold (cable machine)
1ish min rests
Getting higher but it still wrecks my wrists

4 x 7 x baby MU regular grip (on parallel bars in gym)
1m30s rests


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