Saturday 19th September 2015

Run – track

There and back:

Distance: 2.6km
Time: 15:02
Pace: 5:36/km

Work sets: 10 x 400m, walking round barrier + 30s rest. Forgot Spiriva so wheezey.

Distance: 3.9km
Moving time: 15:41
Pace: 4:01/km

Really want to get this down to < 4.00 pace…


Evening gym – MU session

Band sets
10 x scapular pull ups
10 x baby MU
5 x STC
3 x ring MU with proper RTO at bottom (much harder!)
3 x SBL
Play with coming up from German hang but feeling fatigued today

3 x 7 x regular baby MU

3 x 7 x false grip baby MU

3 x 7x high pull with transition
First set was going too slow so intense on wrists so sped up

All 1m 30s rests

10 x high pulls
25s rest

9 x Straight arm pull downs @ 21.25kg
6 x Straight arm pull downs @ 23.5kg
3 x Straight arm pull downs @ 26.25kg
1 x Straight arm pull downs @ 28.75kg
1m30s rests

Stretching upper body 7 mins


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