Sunday 27th September 2015

Hot yoga

Joined Fierce Grace for a month’s trial as have faced up to the fact my ITB is fried (was supposed to be doing Spartan Beast today). Went to the morning class:

The Classic Class
Teacher: Michael Eley
Time: 90 mins



Chill one to Covent Garden, wander around the shops, then food shop in Chinatown, then to gym

Distance: 9.5km
Time: 37:20
Avg Max Speed: 15.4km/h



Gym – legs

Quick warm up

3 x 5 x shrimp squat ES
1m 30s rest
Used an assist to get full depth

2 x 5 x empty bar deadlifts
5 x 40kg
3 x 5 x 65kg
2m rests

2 x 5 x empty bar squats
5 x 35kg
3 x 5 x 45kg
2m rests

3 x 5 x 35kg x lunge/split leg squat thing ES
2m rests



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