Thursday 10th September 2015

Gym – legs

Bit of mobility to warm up

3 x
10 x single leg glute raises ES
15 x clam with 6?kg sand bag on knee

3 x 
5 x shrimp (2 sets modified, 1 set full-ish) ES
20 x Walt Reynolds ES



Hours yoga class with Sarah. Lots of hip opening. Legs a bit tired.


Evening gym – pulling

Was gonna climb but didn’t feel like I had £10 worth of energy to exepend, so checked out the Clapham Fitness First as was down there. Not bad but not much atmosphere. Also the pull up bar is so low that I hit my head on the ceiling tile on my first one.


3 x 10 x inverse rows (low)

10 x scapular pull ups

3 x 5 x single arm scapular pulls (finger assist)

3 x 8 x pull ups

About 12 or so hop up to tuck HS against wall

Quick stretch then home.

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