Tuesday 1st September 2015


5km on the treadmill to test out Pete’s Inov8 ultra pack for MvM. Filled it with clothes and a 2kg dumbell. Ran up a 1% incline at 10km/h. 



10 min mobility

3 x
20 x hollow body sets
Band rehab sets

3 x
5 x ab wheel roll outs on upside down bosu
10 x single leg glute bridge ES

10 x scapular pull ups

3 x
7 x leg raises (p-bars)
7 x pull ups (first set with 2s pause at bottom)

3 x 5 x hop up to tuck HS (some holds too)
One of them floated up and stayed :)

3 x 5 x narrow straddle headstand raises/lowers
2m rests

Quad single leg
10 x 15kg
2 x 10 x 17.5kg
1m30s rests

Hamstring curls single leg
10 x 12.5kg
1m30s rests



To measure up at a clients, then gym and shops. 6.5km at 14.7km/h (hah!). Strava.


Evening stretch and roll

Full 12 mins of hip flexor stretches. Rolled shoulder with ball. Nearly finished Breaking Bad. Think I will download Twin Peaks next.

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