Wednesday 9th September 2015

Run (before lunch)

Track session: 10 x 400m with 1ish min rests. Time to get back on some speed training.

Distance: 4.0km
Pace: 4:04/km

This was not the fastest I’ve done this routine, so I’m going to have to go back and do it again… been slacking on speed work – using my breathing as an excuse – but I still think it has a valid place and I need some more intensity in some of my runs.


Park – Muscle up session (evening)

First of the program that Ryan gave me. 

4 x 3 x regular baby MU
1min rests

4 x 3 x false grip baby MU
1m30s rests

5 min of glide kip
Not bad though not sure how I will ever get over!

4 x 4 x high pull with transition
1m rests

All above on low bar

4 x 7 Straight arm pull downs
Bit tricky

8 x high pulls
Couple of sets of two then singles. Going for power. Will do more next time.

Stretch and home for foooood

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