Friday 23rd October 2015

Mad DOMS today – all down my lats. Crazy.


Bike to morning meeting (had to sign an NDA for it – rawk) and back

Distance: 5.6km
Avg Max Speed : 21.6km/h

Distance: 5.4km
Avg Max Speed: 17.6km/h



11:15 am – 12:45 pm
Krzystof Grabowski (Staff Teacher) (sub)

Was good to do a Classic class – should really do more of them – but this teacher is a bit weird and not a very clear communicator.



Went to gym, dicked around a bit, played on the kick bag (kicks are still clean and accurate) but wasn’t really feeling like a full workout, plus was due for dinner with friends, so bought a bottle of red and headed over there instead.

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