Friday 30th October 2015


Mobility and band sets

5 x straddle raises/lowers on ground
3 x 5 x elevated
1m30s rests

7 min tuck and wall HS practise

6 min elbow lever practise

5 min crow/tuck planche practise (trying to lift hips – might try with feet in TRX)

7 ish x super explosive neutral pulls
Some triceps pull a parts
(Waiting for Smith machine)

5 min Messing around with band and MU transitions. Not good – wide physio band very hard to use. Gonna have to get a band. Got a good feeling for it though.

5 x 5 x working round the transition with feet on bench
2m rests
Pancake stretch in rests

3 x 10 x SBD
2m rests
Lower body stretches in rests

7 x 1m wrist/forearm/hand stretches

3 x chest stretches

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