Monday 5th October 2015


9:30 am – 11:00 am
Gemma Payne (Staff Teacher) 

Like this teacher. Was a bit unsteady in my balances after drinking last night! Classic is a bit harder than Fierce Grace – longer holds. Probably more stretchy than strength though.


Gym – legs

10 x empty bar squats
10 x empty bar lunges ES

5 x 40kg squats
5 x 5 x 50kg squats
2 min rests

3 x 5 x 40kg lunges ES
2m rests

10 x empty bar deadlifts
3 x 60kg
3 x 5 x 70kg

Was gonna call it a day but got roped into doing some sets with Eugene, Melvin and Kev (learnt the latter two’s names today).

Set 1:

1 x neutral pull up
1 x push up
2 x wider pull ups
2 x push ups
3 x different pull ups
3 x push ups
4 x different pull ups
4 x push ups
5 x different pull ups
5 x push ups
6 x pull ups alternating through all the previous grips
6 x push ups

Push ups feeling easy despite not doing them in months!

Set 2:

1 x diamond push up on medicine ball
1 sec hold
2 x diamond push ups on medicine ball
2 sec hold
3 x diamond push ups on medicine ball
3 sec hold
4 x diamond push ups on medicine ball
4 sec hold
5 x diamond push ups on medicine ball
5 sec hold

Set 3:

10 x ab wheel roll outs

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