Saturday 24th October 2015


Mobility and band warm up

3 x
10 x inverse rows
10 x push ups
5 x ab wheel
1m rest

5 x 7 x strict pull ups
1m30s ish rest

4 x
3 x tuck ups
1 x HS hold
Against wall
1m30s rest

8 x 2 x high pulls
1m rest

4 x 7 x slow baby MU
2m rests
Trying feet in front

3 x 10 x 10kg front raises with plate
1m30s rests

Went to the studio to shoot some video for a core blog post/video tutorial thing I’m planning. Got some crow and side crow footage too.



4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Fierce Grace
Chimezie Uwahemu (sub)

Lovely down to earth and humble guy 

Thought this was my last day of 30 but it’s not! Got two more days, which means I can make Michelle’s class on Monday.

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