Sunday 11th October 2015

Quick park session 

Band sets to warm up

10 x jumping MU on low bar

3 x 5 x jumping MU on head height bar

10 x scapular pull ups

5 x regular pull ups

10 x 2 x explosive MU
30ish second rests (phone has died, couldn’t time)

4 x 5 x super slow baby MU



4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Fierce Grace
Shirley Williams (sub)

Holy shit she talks like an evangelical preacher! I wonder if some people actually like the theatricality of yoga – all motivational energy, over-done cadence and intonation and the sort of crap you’d expect from washed-up act-OR dahling. Plus she told people to be quiet at the back. Also, it was INSANELY hot. Like the hottest class I’ve done. Too hot. Actually had to skip out poses, and about three people left the room, which has never (not even one) happened in another class. The class was rammed so I suspect it’s just me who feels this way though! 

Anyhow, my back is feeling less tight now. Legs are still tired but hoping I can start pushing a little harder on things I’ve eased back on this week.

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