Sunday 4th October 2015


9:30 am – 11:00 am
The Classic Class
Michael Eley (Staff Teacher) 

Not a bad class, but not my favourite instructor.


Park session

Got stood up for climbing so took myself down to Primrose to enjoy the sunshine.

Band warm  up sets

15 x inverse rows
10 x scapular pull ups

5 x STC
Feeling deeper in these – yoga?
2m rest

4 x ring MU
2m rest
3 x ring MU
2m rest
2 x ring MU
2m rest

4 x singles SBL to single leg FL
1m30s rests

1 x slow MU attempt
Fail. Trying again after 1m30.
Bah. Can’t get chest over.

5 x 5 x transition slow MU
1m30s rests

8 x 2 x high pull ups (on high bar)
30s rests
Getting there, but more to do!

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