Be more like a child


When we were younger, we thought less and did more. No worrying about balance in our lives, the consequences of having no sleep, the effects of eating eight slices of toast in a row, nor about what would happen if we climbed that wall we were always being told not to. As we grow up and learn more about the world around us, we slowly become aware that our body isn’t the infallible machine it once was, and start thinking more and doing less. Obviously, especially if you’re somewhat inclined to adventuring and craziness, this has helped keep us alive and healthy into adulthood, but it’s also taken away some of the boldness and drive we once had.

Do you remember being so obsessed with something that nothing could stand in your way of finding out more about it, going on a quest for knowledge with the fever of a crack addict? Or having a goal that not rain, going round to friends houses or even Neighbours could stop you from pursuing? I remember wanting to get good at high jump, and for a period in the summer I’d go down to the sports field after school, run round the track a few times to warm up, then set up the mats and just jump. Again and again. I didn’t think “ooh I should probably have a rest”, I didn’t think about my form, apart from lifting my arse over the bar, I didn’t consider what I ate, what time I went to bed or anything else beyond just turning up and doing it. That year (my last at secondary school) I not only equalled the school record for high jump, but was also a damn fast sprinter thanks to warm-up laps round the track!

What prompted this post is seeing a few friends racing recently who I’ve felt have held back, for various reasons. I know it’s something I do – don’t go all-out as I’m thinking about the future – and I wanted to remind us all not to always do that.

So whilst it’s good to have a plan, to make sure you rest, eat right and all that other stuff I go on about here, it’s also good to sometimes just forget about all of it, and just fucking go for it. No holding back. No thoughts of aching tomorrow, small errors in form or even about your training up to now. And definitely no what-ifs. Just go. 



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