Saturday 28th November 2015


It was sunny and clear so decided to skip yoga for a run instead. So out of shape with it though, plus upper body tired!

Distance: 6.0km
Time: 36:16
Pace: 6:02/km



Pushing day

About 8 mins mobility

10 x C2F push ups

1 x crow trying to lift knees higher on elbows

10 x scapular pull ups

1 x crow trying to lift knees higher on elbows

10 x dips

3 x 3 x STC


4 x FBT BL
1 – 1m30s rests
Just doing some conditioning. They are actually harder than the straddle one, since all the emphasis is on your shoulders without the glutes/ack to “lift” you

1 x straddle BL

1m rest

3 x leg changing BL
1m30s rests
Got 4 leg changes each one

2 x crow trying to lift one knee higher (1 x ES)

3 x 5 x straddle headstand raises/lowers
1m30s rests

4 x elbow lever
2m rests
Weak on these today
Need better elbow angle (and not weird silky thin slidey top)

3 x 7 x ring dips
1m rests
Trying to do RTO at top – harsh on the wrists!

3 x 4 x archer push ups
(One rep = up, down, arm out one way then the other)
1m30s rests

10 min stretching

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