Saturday 7th November 2015


9:30 am – 11:00 am
Fierce Grace
Emma Croft



Went with Frankie and Ify to Motus Strength. Cool place – good to see it now it’s all set up.

Mobility/random warm  up

10 x inverse rows
10 x scapular pull ups
5 x baby MU

5 x band MU
3 x band MU
Straight bar attempt x 2
Lighter band on
Hah no go
3 x thicker one

4 x STC

1 x MU on thick band!

2 or 3 ring MU
2 x SBL on rings

2 x explosive pulls
10 x empty bar squats
2 x explosive pulls
5 x 40kg squats
2 x explosive pulls

5 x 5 x 58kg squats
2 x explosive pulls (within 1m30s rests)

Tabata burpees with a 6kg ball, throwing it on the ground from overhead

Stretching and rolling out with lacrosse ball (need to carry mine with me everywhere!)

Wanted to go to Kam Basi’s class but was too tired :/

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