Sunday 8th November 2015


11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Fierce Grace
Michael Eley



10 min general movement
Bit of ball in pec

10 x C2F push ups

5 x straddle headstand raises
4 x 5 x on step box (no risers)
1m30s rests

10 min handstands
Mostly kicking up and trying to balance
Held off wall for 10s!
3 x 30s holds against wall

Crow – lifting knees off arms
4 x 6 (3 ES)
1m 30s rests
These are really hard! Gayle says bent arms, push and suck. Next time!

Elbow lever
6 x (3 ES) trying to move other arm away from body
1m30s rests
Need to work on wrists

Stretching out hands and wrists using the GMB stretches. Only two sets though.

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