Tuesday 24th November 2015


Good 10 min warm up

10 x inverse rows
10 x scapular pull ups

8 x 2s pause pull ups

3 x 10 x bodyweight pull ups
2m rests

10 x 2 x explosive pulls
30s rests

4 x 10 x dips
1m30s rest

Slow / explosive / slow / explosive
First time on dips in monnnnnths

5 x pull ups on new grip balls

5 x singles (1 ES) trying to lift knee in crow – mostly just pushing and trying to get tension

2 x 10 x head down leg to back

2 x 10 x head down leg up

Both 1m30s rests

Straight to Core class



9:30 am – 10:45 am
Deep Core
Hortense Suleyman

Yay like Hortense, like this class. Small progress every day.


Site visit, gym, local errands, forgot to restart in part

Distance: 16:42
Avg Speed 15.5km

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