Monday 21st December 2015

Last training day before X’mas…!


Little 4.5km round the park – thought I’d better do some running seeing as I intend to go out over X’mas.

Distance: 4.5km
Time: 24:47
Pace: 5:24/km


Weirdly I seem to have got a CR in Regent’s Park haha!


Yoga 1

11:15 am – 12:30 pm
Deep Core
Sangeeta Solanki

Really find this teacher quite patronising :/



Lat pull downs
10 x 25kg behind head
10 x 32kg in front, low

10 x scapular pull ups
10 x push ups

Crow x 8
1m rests

5 x pull ups

7 x blue band
4 x black double looped
1 x single looped
1 x unassisted bar muscle up fuck yeahhhhh! (video on Insta here – luckily I had the sense to know it might be my only one, so set the camera up first!)
2 x fail
1 x fail

Ah well! Happy with one, especially in a pretty fatigued state.

On to some deep pull downs – getting bar down below chest to condition strength at that ROM

3 x 7 x 41kg
2 x 5 x 48kg
3 x 62kg
1m30s rests

Think I’m gonna call it a day and go pack :)


Yoga 2

6:45 pm – 8:15 pm
Fierce Grace
Gwenaelle Guillamet

Very hot class! But I like Gwen so it’s a fair swap :) 

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