Sunday 6th December 2015


9:30 am – 11:00 am
Michael Eley

Top class, top teacher


Had to smash out a quick session as it closes at 6pm on weekends – annoying.

Short warm up

10 x scapular pull ups
Bit of monkey bar (will have to bring gloves sometime)
Ground/shoulder mobility

10 x black band pull ups

10 x CTF push ups
10 x dolphin push ups

6 x blue band MU (fail on 7th)


Black band attempt
Did 2 x !
Band looped twice
Woohoo! Was worried I’d have to get another band


3 x black band
Getting the hang of these!


2 x black band
Second was a bit one-armed


1 x black band


10 x 2 x explosive hands off pull ups
30s rest


3 x 2 x ring MU

3 x 5 x blue band assisted FL to MU thing. Like these.

Quick deadlifts

10 x empty bar

5 x 60kg

3 x 5 x 90kg
3m rests

Heavy and grindy! Seriously thinking I should stop doing these whilst I do yoga, but… Maybe will do a pyramid next time.



At home as gym closed

Bit of back – cobra and legs over head

FF (10 x pulses, 30s hold, 10 x pulses, 30s hold, 10 x pulses, 2m hold) for:

  • Runners stretch (ES)
  • Frog stretch
  • Seated pigeon (RHS)

Calf rolling with hockey ball – 4m ES

8m on glutes and hips (didn’t touch the sides :/ )

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