Thursday 10th December 2015


Warm up and band

10 x high ring push ups
10 x inverse rows

Some more wrist stretches – feel stiff

10 x baby MU

5 x pull ups
10 x push ups

3 x 3 x ring MU
Quite long rests

3 sets:
1 x SBL
1 x frog BL

Crow practise – push hard, lift knee
7 x attempts
1m rests
Pushing feeling better, lifting knees less so

7 x 3 x explosive pull ups
30s rests

3 x 6 x blue band slow MU to pseudo FL
1m30s rests



6:45 pm – 8:30 pm
The Beast
Michael Eley

Yay this was a fun class. Liking the Beast – time to play with things and see where I am. Knackering though.

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