Friday, 22 January 2016

28 hour hike (Part 2, till watch died)

Distance: 4.7km
Pace: 23:28/km
Elevation 214m


28 hour hike (Part 3). 56.5km, only 966m elevation.

Distance: 35.6km
Pace: 14:24/km
Elevation: 589m


EDIT – Found this on email!

Day “1” of adventuring

– First 12km along roads from Eskdalemuir. Gruelling on the feet but happy and optimistic. Raining. Misery levels: 2/2. Chat: 10/10.

– Stop outside a barn to make tea. Still raining. Saturation level: 5/10.

– Headed up into hills, still raining, walking through wet snow and meltwater. Quite cool walking through the night. Misery: 6.5/10.

– Accidentally woke up man at 5.30am by prowling around his house looking for somewhere to cook. He wasn’t happy and we couldnt understand his accent. Surreal factor: 7 and rising

– 6.30am reached St Mary’s loch, hid in public loo to cook breakfast. Wet and cold, not entirely miserable. Set off again.

– Got colder. Bumped into a man by a closed-up inn, which turned out to be closed till May. Invited us in to have a sort out. His wife turned up with puppies (innuendo potential 8.5/10) then his parents in law and some other random people. Father found us a fan heater so dried our socks and gloves. Had a 20 min power nap then headed out. Enthusiasm levels: 8/10. Love for humanity: 10/10.

– Continued walking, all over snowy hills. Seriously windy – took a wee detour and climbed a steep hill, wind tunnel effect blowing us sideways. But it wasn’t raining and it was awesome walking in the moonlight.

– Beautiful views of the loch – truly stunning countryside. Scotland love levels: 10/10

– Knocked on door of house to ask if we could shelter behind garage. Lovely man who told us all about his pay-it-forward experiences let us into his partly refurbished shed to cook dinner, gave us chairs, a cup of tea and an Eccles cake. Happiness levels: 9/10.

– Started 12 mile walk to Peebles (by this time it was 8.45pm). My feet were saturated and sore, and I was grumpy. Enthusiasm levels: 3/10.

– Was on the road so really hard under-foot. Tried to take an off-road route but bridge on map had been washed away (common around here at the moment) so wasted half an hour. Misery level: 8/10.

– Decided to take a codeine to dull the pain and make me feel happier. Jen had also strategically lied to me about the distance to our destination (cunning level: 8/10.)

– Trudged the rest of the way to Peebles, mildly hallucinating and chatting shit. Misery levels: forgotten in the excitement of nearly being there and the haze of opiates.

– Arrived, at 1.15am at one of Jen’s food drop-off points where we had a bed for the night. Put clothes on radiator, went straight to bed.

– Slept till 12.30pm.

– Had the most amazing spread of food for brunch, a shower, stretched (brokenness level: reduced from 8/10 to 5/10) and re-packed. Will be leaving for the next leg shortly so watch this space for more photos.



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