Sunday 10th January 2015

Yoga 1

Change today – had a free class at Fitness Mosaic so decided to check out their Ashtanga.

9:30 am – 10:45 am
Ashtanga Yoga
Victor Hernandez

Wasn’t that impressed, although thought I would really like the altheticism. No mention whatsoever of doing things with a straight back, and in some postures, like triangle (straight-legged – Utthita trikonasana) had you hold the big toe, which just made everyone wonky (I didn’t do it). I guess it’s just different and you’d pick it up with repetition, but there were more advanced people in the room and he never mentioned anything about body mechanics or indeed anything to help avoid unnecessary stress in the body. Wouldn’t go back.



Organised a City and river walk with friends. Superchill, sunny, chatty day :)

Distance: 9.2km
Moving time: 2:01:12
Pace: 13:09/km




Had an hour, intending to focus on MU. Thought I would max out on the black band then move to strict/slow ones on the Smith machine, but just ended up going till time was up and having to race straight to yoga. Feeling good on them though. Need to move back to doing them with only one loop and the black band, but hey – at least my endurance is better.

Wrist 4kg
10 x 32kg alternating front/back lat pull downs
10 x push up
10 x 39kg pull downs

3 x 5 x bodyweight pull ups
1m rests

4m of glute and calf rolling in rests

5 x blue band MU
2m rest hitting calf trigger point

3 x black looped twice
2m on other calf

1 fail, 1 one-arm, 1 fail on single looped
2 x fail
2 x double looped, one fail
3 x
2 x good, 1 x fail
2 x good (didn’t attempt more)
3 x woo
3 x yay
Only 6 min left here and done no other training!


Yoga 2

5:45 pm – 7:00 pm
Deep Core
Omae Woolnoug

Omae (Irish name?!) reminds me of Gemma Payne – calm, calming, balanced and straightforward. Good class (although rammed again) and she’s now on my Preferable Teachers List ;)

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