Thursday 7th January 2015


MUCH better tonight! Phew. Music, relaxing, slower pace. I think I need to accept that for the time being I am back to 5:45 being my “happy pace”. Feels good, can go forever. Now to up the mileage. And find some people to run with. Seriously missing Chris and my running buddies right now :(

Distance: 6.7km
Moving Time: 39:38
Pace: 5:53/km



6:45 pm – 8:30 pm
The Beast
Emma Croft

Yay Emma’s one of two of my favourite teachers who have not buggered off to India for the winter. Good class, hard and fast-paced but I did better than I did last time. Noticed hamstring tightness (beyond their usual stuff) from the run – may not do that on Beast day next time.

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