Tuesday 12th January 2015


Warm up
4kg wrists

10 x push ups

10 x scapular pull ups

3 x
5 x pull ups
1m rest
5 x chin ups
1m rest

Tried to do some band MU but must be tired as just not happening (plus heavy from recarb yesterday)

4 x 5 x lower part of lat pull down
2 sets @ 32
1 set @ 39 but too heavy for full ROM
1 set @ 32

1 x HS hold
Not great. Trying to move away from wall.

10 x slow bar MU, 6 with black but annoying to hold so used blue
30s rests

3 x 5 x floor assisted pull up and overs
1m30s rest doing black band assisted pancake

2m22s handstands
Getting better at using my hands



Windy Ride to work and back
Distance: 21.9km
Moving Time: 1:09:49
Avg Max Speed: 18.9km/h



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