Wednesday 13th January 2016

OK so GoDaddy have fucked up my hosting and lost a load of blog posts, including training logs I’d already done. Grr. They’re fucking hopeless – if anyone’s reading this I recommend you never ever use them. Yes, I know they’re cheap. Just don’t do it.


Got two months of logs to smash through, so will keep it brief…



3 x 10 x 32kg various lat/chin pull dowbs
10 x inverse rows

1m15s handstands

5 x bodyweight pull ups
3 x 5kg
3 x 8.75kg
5 x 13.75kg
Fuck Yeah!
Massive rests – about 4m

4m05s handstand holds and kicking up practise. Feeling good.

Crow each leg

3 x BAS attempts
1m rests
These are gonna wreck my deltoid impingement thing…

5 x BAS push ups

Better get explosive pulls out the way first…

6 x 3 x explosive pulls
40s rests

2 x 5 x BAS push ups
1m30s rest

Abs tomorrow…



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