Sunday 27th March 2016

Had planned a longer run – 12km route around the roads (too muddy and wet for trail on these clay soils) but as soon as I was about to leave it started raining. So decided to do indoor cardio…

The hardest work I’ve done all year!

2 full rounds of:

Tabata jumping jacks
15 x push ups
15 x sit ups
2m rest

Tabata lunges
15 x chair dips
15 x alternating sit ups (elbow to knee)
2m rest

Tabata burpees (ugh)
15 x wide push ups
30 x touch floor each side sit ups

Tabata mountain climbers
10 x diamond push ups
10 x V sits

Tabata squat/side kicks (alternating sides)
10 x chair assisted one arm push ups ES
15 x hollow rocks

20 minutes of 1m stretching


Evening stretch

FF protocol for

  • Lunge hip flexor stretch
  • Pancake stretch
  • Hamstring (runners) stretch

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