Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cycle 1

Ride 1 to station. Beautiful day, not so beautiful traffic

Distance: 8.1km
Moving Time: 24:57
Avg Max Speed 19.5km/h



Cycle 2

Ride 2 to client n back.

Distance: 5.2km
Moving Time: 17:19
Avg Max Speed 18.3km/h



Cycle 3

Grim ride at rush hour. Horrid pollution :(

Distance: 7.9km
Moving Time: 25:52
Avg Max Speed 18.5km/h



Again with Thomas, and this time Ross.

3 x green/white

3 x black

3 x tiger

3 x blue

Tried a few others

2 x rope climbs (can’t do straddle any more so well)

Can’t do peg board either

Need to lose weight and get strong again!



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