Thursday 31st March 2016


Fitness Mosaic

5min X trainer

Band sets

– Handstands – kicking up and trying to hold
4 sets of 3 x attempts
1min rest

– Longer holds (will start at 20s and increase)
4 x 20s holds
1m30s rests

– Overhead kettle bell presses. 4s up, 2s hold, 2s lower
3 x 7 @ 8kg
1m30s rests

– Assisted inverse presses (either on feet leaning forward or with feet on a box when I get stronger)
4 x 6 x on medicine ball
Trying to lift hips up over hands as much as possible

– HSPU negatives (keeping elbows in, hands teeny bit wider than shoulder width)
5 x 2
Head onto boxing pad
1m30s rests


6:45 pm – 8:30 pm
Fierce (aka The Beast)
Michael Eley

Woo Beast! Did better than last time (although far from flexible). Quite fun. Hard work and hot.

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