Tuesday, 15 March 2016



3 sets:
1m bear
1m rest
1m frog
1m monkey
1m rest
Getting better

7 x 4/2/4 push ups (on handles)

4 x 4/2/4 pull ups
Can’t feel any movement in bicep or shoulders

3 x there and back on monkey bars
1m rests
Stopped on last set as hands hurt!

6 x 4/2/4 archer push ups

7 x 4/2/4 lat pulls downs @ 32kg

Messed around with band manna/v-sit ab things. Hard to get right.



Ride to work n back. Trying to get back to 20km/h speeds

Distance: 21.6km
Moving Time: 1:02:52
Avg Speed: 20.7km/h



7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Fierce Grace
Mark Oram

Ugh! Too fucking hot!!! His daytime classes are OK, but this is just stupid. Unpleasent and not enjoyable.

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