Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Camden Soho Gyms

Mobility and band sets

10 x scapular pull ups

10 x push ups

5 x pull ups

3 x 5 x baby MU

5 x chin ups

All 1m rests

3 x 3 x STC
1m30s rests

4 x 2 x MU
2m rests

3 x around transition MU
Argh my wrists!

2 x 2 x around transition MU
2m rests

20s tuck BL hold

20s tuck FL hold

12s FBT BL hold

3 x 2 x FBT FL up, 1 slow lower

3 x 5 x assisted single arm scapular pull ups ES

10 x pull ups
Blasted first seven then had to rest! Feeling strong though

10 x dips
Blasted all the way

Stretch – some timed sets



Longish slow run on grass (/mud). Body feels good, just bored of running in London

Distance: 13.0km
Moving Time: 1:17:52
Pace: 5:57/km



3.7km for errands

Body feeling good today!



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