Monday 25th April 2016


Fitness Mosaic

5 min X trainer

7 x Swiss ball pikes
10 x scapular pull ups
7 x Swiss ball pikes
7 x 32kg lat pull downs
7 x Swiss ball pikes
7 x 39kg lat pull downs

3 x 10 x pull ups

5 x blue band MU
2 x black double looped (fail third)
2 x
2 x one arms
Going back to blue
3 x blue
3 x scrappy blue
All 1m30s

5 x 3 x explosive pulls
30s rest

3 x 7 x 39kg bar-below-boobs lat pulldowns
1m30s rest



5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Gwenaelle Guillamet

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