Monday 4th April 2016

Elements – Week 1 / Day 3

Body stiff and tired today, especially hands/wrists/biceps, and back and legs from running.

Warm-up: Fingers

20 x each of:

  • finger pulses
  • knuckle pulses
  • thumb pulses

5 x each of:

  • Open hand to clenched fists
  • Fingers closed to splayed fingers
  • “Vulcan Sign”
  • Index finger and pinky finger splay
  • Fingers rolling into palm and roll out to open hand
  • Towel Twists

Warm-up: Wrists

20 x each of:

  • Elbow rotations
  • Hand Heel raises
  • Side to sides (fingers facing out to sides)
  • Fingers backward
  • Back of hands
  • Fingers facing forward, leaning the shoulders past the wrists

Arm/shoulder warm up:

  • 10 x Arm circles each direction/each arm
  • 20 x Shoulder crossing

Shoulder Warm-Up with Stick

  • 20 x Arms wide overhead with stick
  • 20 x Arms narrow overhead with stick
  • 20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands up
  • 20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands down

Squat warm up:

20 x Squat with support
10 x Open one leg to the side at a time
10 x Open both legs

Floor Hip Circles

10 x Bent knee in each direction on each side

Will do straight legged when I’m more warmed up (weird hip clunking thing)

Frogger stretch

10 x back and 60s hold

Argh somehow I missed the rest?! Some weird browser issue as they just didn’t show up. Weird. Will have to do tomorrow.



Ride to Victoria, train to flat, back up to work

Distance: 27.8km
Time: 1:32:47
Avg Speed: 18.0km/h

Could not face doing any exercise so had a massive gin and tonic and sat around.

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