Saturday 16th April 2016


11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Emma Croft

Always like Emma’s classes


Elements – W2D4

Did these at yoga class

5 x each of:

  • finger pulses
  • knuckle pulses
  • thumb pulses
  • Open hand to clenched fists
  • Fingers closed to splayed fingers
  • “Vulcan Sign”
  • Index finger and pinky finger splay
  • Fingers rolling into palm and roll out to open hand
  • Towel Twists

Then at home:

10 x each of:

  • Elbow rotations
  • Hand Heel raises
  • Side to sides (fingers facing out to sides)
  • Fingers backward
  • Back of hands
  • Fingers facing forward, leaning the shoulders past the wrists

Arm/shoulder warm up:

  • 10 x Arm circles each direction/each arm
  • 10 x Shoulder crossing

Shoulder Warm-Up with Stick:

  • 20 x Arms wide overhead with stick
  • 20 x Arms narrow overhead with stick
  • 20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands up
  • 20 x Hands behind back with stick,

10 x squat up/down holding foam roller

20 x rocking back and forth

20 x hip openers ES

20 x hip openers both together

10 x hip openers ES / ED



More Elements!

10 x Floor hip circles ES and ED

3 x 1m sets. Legs are dead!


10 x scapular pull ups
10 x push ups
5 x pull ups
5 x dips

2 x 5 x baby MU

First two exercises from here:
Will read some more and add to warm up

2 x 2 x STC with straight arm pull up
2 x singles (videoed)
1m30s rests

2 x 2 x ring MU
1m30s rests

2 x false grip German hang
1m rests
First slipped out of grip

2 x false grip German hang to MU

10 x pull ups

Black band MU – doubled looped
2m rests
3 reps
2 reps (failed 3rd)
2 reps
Triple looping band
5 reps haha
5 reps
5 reps
4 reps
Tired so stopping

5 x tuck front lever pull ups and slow lowers
1m rests
These are feeling strong – got tension and grip where I never used to

Elements stretches in rests:
Lunge 1m ES
Monkey twist 1m

Static holds set:
15s above bar
5s lower to 90
15s at 90
5s lower to straight

6 x 1m wrist stretches
1m lounge chair
1m pec ES

Did some other stretches in rest periods



3km on bike to gym and back. Forgot cash card for food shopping :/

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