Sunday 10th April 2016

Elements – W2D1 (first try)

5 x each of:

  • finger pulses
  • knuckle pulses
  • thumb pulses
  • Open hand to clenched fists
  • Fingers closed to splayed fingers
  • “Vulcan Sign”
  • Index finger and pinky finger splay
  • Fingers rolling into palm and roll out to open hand
  • Towel Twists

10 x each of:

  • Elbow rotations
  • Hand Heel raises
  • Side to sides (fingers facing out to sides)
  • Fingers backward
  • Back of hands
  • Fingers facing forward, leaning the shoulders past the wrists

Arm/shoulder warm up:

10 x Arm circles each direction/each arm
10 x Shoulder crossing

Shoulder Warm-Up with Stick

20 x Arms wide overhead with stick
20 x Arms narrow overhead with stick
20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands up
20 x Hands behind back with stick,

10 x squat up/down holding foam roller

20 x rocking bac and forth

20 x hip openers ES

20 x hip openers both together


That ended up being it for Elements today… Intended to do it after run, but…


3km to gym and back



Soho Camden

Band sets to warm up

10 x scapular pull ups
10 x table top roll over to other side things
10 x inverse rows
10 x push ups
5 x pull ups

3 x 7 x baby MU
1m rests

5 x STC

10 x pull ups
Best set I’ve ever done in my life!

3 x double looped bar MU
2 x MU
2 x MU
3 x MU
2 x MU
1m30s rests

3 x 5 x False grip pull ups from dead hang

3 x 20s x Tucked feet-assisited false grip German hang
1m rest

10 x pull ups

3 x 6 x chin ups
1m30s rests


Long run

Long Run. Feeling good today. Listening to Bad Boy Running podcasts :)

Distance: 16.0km
Moving Time: 1:38:38
Pace: 6:08/km
Elevation: 232m


Needless to say that I was totally shagged after this and didn’t finish Elements. Or indeed do anything else of any use whatsoever.

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