Sunday 17th April 2016


Getting Elements W2D5 done before my long run (although it’s a stretch day only – phew) 

Hand x 10
Wrist x 10
Shoulder x 20
Squat warm ups x 10
Frog 20 pulses, 60m hold
Hip circles 10 ES / ED (still clunking but feeling easier)

15 x kick up and hold HS’s

3 x 15 x push ups
1m30s rests

6 x single leg crow (3 ES)
1m rests

5 x 2 x HSPU negatives
1m rests

3 x 10 x 10kg KB OHP (ES)
1m30s rests

7 x 4/2/4 chest press machine @ 18kg

8 x 1min stretch holds


Long run

Long run mostly along the river (didnt feel like trails and hills!)

Distance: 18.2km
Moving Time: 1:46:19
Pace: 5:49/km

12m stretching afterwards, and lots of food.

Now (9pm) I’m not actually feeling that bad. Pretty cool.


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