Sunday 24th April 2016

Gym & Elements W3D1 (woohoo!)

Hand, wrist, shoulder Elements

10 x each of
Push ups
Scapular pull ups
Bench dips

5 x pull ups

1m10s normal bear
On tiptoes

50s BAB

40s BAB

45s BAB

10 mins HS practise
Kicking up, trying not to hit wall

3 x elbow lever holds
1m rests

Feeling heavy, slow and weak last night – not sure all that wine last night was wise. Nor all the paella, bread and apple crumble :/

5 x 2 x HSPU negatives
1m rests

Definitely not on form today.

5 x 5s isometric HSPU pushes
30s rests

3 x 8 x dips

3 x 5 x forearm push ups

3 x 5 x half ROM 25kg shoulder press
Shoulders wrecked now!

All 1m 30s rests



5:45 pm – 7:00 pm
Deep Core
Omae Woolnough

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