Thursday 14th April 2016


Early at Fitness Mosaic

Stretching Scientifically style warm up

10 x 32kg lat pull downs
10 x push ups
10 x 23kg seated rows

3 x
10 x Swiss ball pikes with rollout
5 x pull ups
Un-timed rests

3 x
5 x climbing hold pull ups
30s rest
5 x forearm (dolphin) push ups
1m rest

4 x 5 x band assisted false grip L-sit pull ups

Tried a few band muscle ups but forearms tired

5 x 3 x explosive pull ups
30s rests

7 x 4/2/4 x 39kg lat pull downs

6 x 4/2/4 x 25.3kg seated rows

Stretch then offski


Cycle 1

Morning Ride to Victoria

Distance: 8.1km
Moving Time: 24:57
Avg Speed: 19.6km/h


Cycle 2

Ride from station to client and back

Distance: 3.8km
Moving Time: 12:03
Avg Speed: 19.0km/h


Cycle 3

Ride back from London Bridge

Distance: 8.3km
Moving Time: 24:55
Avg Speed: 20.1km/h



Worked till 10pm on a deadline and body was feeling stiff and crap so went for a slow run in the drizzle. Quite chilling.

Distance: 6.0km
Moving Time: 37:21
Pace: 6:10/km


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