Thursday 7th April 2016


9:30 am – 11:00 am
Fierce Grace
Amanda Joseph

I felt great today. I think every-other-day yoga is working out well (my body definitely feels less brutalised)


Elements – W1D6

At Fitness Mosaic

5 x each of:

finger pulses
knuckle pulses
thumb pulses
Open hand to clenched fists
Fingers closed to splayed fingers
“Vulcan Sign”
Index finger and pinky finger splay
Fingers rolling into palm and roll out to open hand
Towel Twists

10 x each of:

Elbow rotations
Hand Heel raises
Side to sides (fingers facing out to sides)
Fingers backward
Back of hands
Fingers facing forward, leaning the shoulders past the wrists
Arm/shoulder warm up:

10 x Arm circles each direction/each arm
10 x Shoulder crossing
Shoulder Warm-Up with Stick

20 x Arms wide overhead with stick
20 x Arms narrow overhead with stick
20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands up
20 x Hands behind back with stick, hands down

20 x frogger pulses, 60s hold

3 x 1m of frog

Filmed one (not uploaded yet)

1m lunge ES

1m cobra


Gym workout

10 x scapular pull ups

5 x pull ups to 10 x push ups

2 x 7 x baby MU

5 x STC

Quick try at false grip STC but need to do work sets first in case the ripped callus from the other day breaks again :/

2 x 3 x round MU transition
2 x 2 x round MU transition
1 x fail. Argh they’re tough.

5 x 3 x explosive pull ups
30s rests

3 x 5 x dolphin push ups
1m30s rests
Helps to think about pushing the ground forwards away from you I think

7 x 4/2/4 tricep pull downs (around MU transition range) @ 17kg

6 x 4/2/4 lat pull downs @ 41.2kg
Didn’t notice the little extra weights till afterwards. Doh.

6 x 4/2/4 seated rows @ 39kg (maybe? Didn’t write it down)

5 x 1m stretch holds, mostly forearms

Home for dinner

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