Tuesday 12th April 2016


Quick morning session at Fitness Mosaic

Elements W1D2

Fingers x 5
Wrists x  20
Shoulders x 20
Squat warm ups: 10 squats, 10rocks, 20 x ES, 20 x BS

1m20s bear

10 x CTF push ups

10 x 8kg KB OHP (arm all the way down)

1m40s bear

10 x 4/2/4 CTF push ups

10 x 8kg 4/2/4 KB OHP (arm all the way down)

1 more minute bear



First ride of the year without gloves!

Distance: 22.1km
Moving Time: 1:05:02
Avg Max Speed: 20.4km/h

Yay speed – trying to get all above 20 now.



7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Fierce Grace
Mark Oram

Wasn’t as hot as previous classes of his. Yay.

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