Wednesday 20th April 2016


Run to clients and back (keep calm and don’t get sweaty)

Distance: 7.0km
Moving Time: 39:34
Pace: 5:35/km



Elements hands, wrist, shoulder, stick warm ups

20 x bench dips

10 x scapular pull ups

Monkey bars

10 x push ups

7 x baby MU

5 x pull ups

7 x baby MU

4 x STC slow singles
1m rests for Elements stretches

3 x slow MU singles
1m rests
Ripped callus on other wrist!

Elements squat movements

3m pancake hold with band

5 x double looped green band bar MU

2m rest – dragon lunge one side

Shit with single looped – fail first, brute force second, fail third

2m rest – dragon lunge one side

5 x double looped MU
2m rest (dragon lunge other side)

3 x 7 x ring dips
1m30s rests

Can’t wait to have my pudding now! Not sure training this late is wise though

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