Sunday 22nd May 2016


Fitness Mosaic

Elements warm ups
Fingers, wrist, shoulder, stick

1m bear

10 x regular
10 x back forth
20 x out ES
10 x out both sides

Elements W3D6

1m spiderman crawls (FINALLY!)

15 x bench dips
10 x scapular pulls
10 x push ups
5 x pull ups

10 x shoulder dislocates front/back
10 x ES
10 x false grip hanging band things ES

2 x monkey bars
Hand pads still sore

2 x 5 x baby MU
1m rests

4 x MU
3 x MU
3 x
3 x
2 x
2m30s rests
In rests:
3 x 10 x outward leg raises off box ES, 10 x forward ES
3 x 20 x backward pulses

2 x sections of girder
2 x 4 x sections of girder (including crossover)
1m30s rest



To Tooting and back for an epic Sunday lunch.

Distance: 35.5km
Moving Time: 1:43:47
Avg Max Speed: 20.6km/h


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