Tuesday 3rd May 2016


At Fitness Mosaic

Finger, hand, wrist, shoulder, stick warm ups

Squats – normal slow, rocks, in/out

Frog stretch

2 x 1m30s ish of high frog

Legs burning

10 min HS practise

3 x 20 x push ups
1m30s rest

3 x 7 x box assisted OH push ups
1m rests

One way across monkey bars

3 x 3 x HSPU negatives
1m rests

There and back on monkey bars



Ride commute

Distance: 20.9km
Moving Time: 1:01:59
Avg Max Speed: 20.3km/h




5:30 pm – 6:45 pm
Deep Core
Kam Basi

Yay Kam.

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