Wednesday 11th May 2016


9:30 am – 11:00 am
Fierce Grace
Michael Eley

Finally made it to Michael’s class again.


Motus with Lee!

Session was only just over an hour, but tough…

Warm up:
Jogging on spot
Star jumps

10 x band forward/back
10 x one way
10 x other way
10 x forward back

(harder than it sounds)

Other bits – stretching etc

2 sets of Push ups:
Three of us. One pushes, others hold
3 reps, 2 reps, 1 rep

Super wide

3 x 5 x pull ups on rings

Muscle ups:
3 sets of 1 x muscle up to 3 x transitions (holy cow – aw

3 sets of 1 x muscle up to 3 x Bulgarian dips

2 sets of high pull, hold 10s, lower to 90, hold 10s, bottom hold 10s
First set in FG but hurt wrists too much so did semi FG in second

3 sets of 3 x 3s FBT BL to 3s FBT FL
Fricking brutal!

2 sets of L-sit battle / back stuff:

5s Lsit hold whilst partner rested


10 x alternating arms (lying on stomach)
10 x both together, 10s hold at top

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