Sunday, July 31, 2016

Race! :)

Tough Guy Nettle Warrior 30km. First woman. Happy :)

My first first place in an OCR, although to be fair there was no real competition. Was 4th across the line for the first lap – sort of wish I’d pushed harder as I could’ve got at least second, but didn’t want to kill myself and to hurt round the second lap. 

Was a random but cool weekend. Stayed in an AirBnB with a slightly odd guy called Jonny and his out-of-control Boxer cross Nina. He gave me a lift there in the morning, and when I arrived I walked to where we always leave our stuff (“we” being Chris, Jat and the usual crew), knowing that I’d be on my own this year, only to find Chris there, in his usual OCR getup, prepping his kit. Truly random. Apparently he’d only signed up the week before. Mad. Was very cool as we ran together a bit – our “just go” pace is still the same. He smashed it off in Bear Woods, and quite right as vaulting over stuff is his forte and my weakness! 

Good changeover – Chris was at the finish line to left him with my manly gaiters (actually a mistake as definitely worse sand/stones second time round) and crammed in as many nuts, oatcakes, dates and chocolate as I could before I thought it might have an adverse affect. Ran to the next lap but realised it passed the loos, so ducked in for a strategic pee as I kept forgetting to go in the water crossings.

Anyhow, about 50 people did the two laps, and I was 14th over all and the second woman was about 15 minutes behind me. 

Also James was first man – always a surefire way to feel more awesome to podium next to that guy ;) Plus he gave me a ride back to Cambridge so had a chance for a good natter.

Distance: 28.4km
Moving Time: 3:30:06
Elapsed Time 4:59:25
Pace: 7:23/km
Elevation: 211m 


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